Why choose BeautyShape?

  • Beauty Shape is a one-of-a-kind Fitness and Slimming Center offering innovative equipment that activates your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. Your body will find it much easier to rid itself of deeply stored fat, lose weight, and give you smoother and tighter skin in less than 10 sessions;
  • We offer you high-performance devices based on the unique combination of the latest technologies such as infrared light, vacuum massage, aromatherapy, and collagen lamp; 
  • Our ultra-modern devices fuse cardio with skincare benefits designed to deliver low impact exercise with visible results faster than any traditional fitness equipment.
  • We provide you with an opportunity to improve body shape activities in a safe, easy, and fun way;
  • We offer you a free workout test and direct you to the appropriate equipment according to your needs.

Our Services

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state-of-the-art training

redefine your workout

Lose Weight

Are you tired of standard, heavy, and ineffective fitness training? The unique combination of infrared light, aromatherapy, vacuum, and chromotherapy will help you lose the extra pounds and improve the overall appearance.

reduce cellulite

An estimated 85% to 90% of adult women have cellulite, typically on the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Thanks to the new non-invasive Vacu Activ and LPG Endermologie technologies you can finally say “Good Bye” to cellulite and “Hello” to your new body shape and smooth and glowing skin.

rejuvenate your body

Burn 1000-1500 calories in just one 30 minute session and rejuvenate your body and skin with our unique fitness & slimming devices while enjoying a low impact exercise and the stylish ambiance of Beauty Shape.

What people say?

Excellent place to spend your “me” time. Using the machines in Beauty Shape is a very efficient way of making sure you do your workout for the day while having the privacy you do not get in bigger gyms. They also have massage beds which you can use after your workouts. The place is always immaculately clean. Best part is the staff who are all very knowledgeable and helpful.

~ Romalyn Mahomoc

Beauty Shape is a wonderful facility. An intimate and clean space where you can work out in a quiet, calm and friendly environment. The staff are all so nice. Friendly, helpful and a pleasure to be around. The machines are amazing. Comfortable and very therapeutic. You can burn so many calories in 30 mins. I have been amazed. The message and light therapy machines are also wonderful and relaxing. And I can’t say enough about the Endermologie!

I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for fast effective work out when you have limited time. 30 mins is all it takes!

Love you guys and see you soon!


~Nikki Broadhurst

I must admit at first I was a bit skeptical about the services provided by Beauty Shape, only because there are so many other places  advertising ‘quick fix weight loss’! However, I was surprised after my free trial of what a difference I felt after that one session. I felt so energised and thirsty! The atmosphere at Beauty Shape helps boost the confidence to want to  go and give it you best because of the privacy feeling and the very  intuitive staff present making you feel special. After just 2 weeks I  have noticed a huge change in the way my clothes fit and feel, which  is encouragement to continue and monitor my eating habits. I will most  definitely recommend this program for anyone who ever felt like giving  up hope that they can’t achieve the body they want for what ever the  reason. This place is more than about losing weight is it about giving  you confidence and wanting to have a healthy lifestyle!!!!


Beauty Shape really helped my body get on track especially with a lot of recent stress. The infrared abilities boosted my immune system as well as made my skin look renewed. The staff there is always helpful and wanting to assist with anything you need.

Just what Cayman needed – a boutique style fitness and slimming center.

I was very lucky to find out about Beauty Shape just in very early days of them being open.

After meeting their helpful and informative staff I was filled with confidence that they would be there every step of the way on my slimming journey.

Now after completing one of their ultimate challenge packages I can absolutely say that with a little workout lots of dedication and the help of innovative vacuum and infrared technologies I made it happen!!!


The Beauty Shape Team made me feel like a family from Day 1! I have been coming since December 2020 and I have lost inches, toned all trouble spots (belly, thighs, and hips), and improved my stamina and endurance.

I love the machines because they also help with inflammation which I have due to thyroid disease.

Don’t think about it – just do it. It will be the BEST thing you do for yourself!

~Kathryn Dinspel-Powell

I was a little skeptical at first but after only going for a few weeks, I can see a huge improvement on my fitness level as well as overall health. The staff are excellent and really make you feel at home and comfortable no matter what your size or fitness goals are. The environment feels like family and I would recommend Beauty Shape for everyone. The facility is super clean and the prices are great.

~Justina Anderson

The staff is absolutely amazing and provide incredible services.

RollShape is a favorite of mine providing lymphatic drainage massage and the Cocoon Wellness is relaxing while experiencing a number of health benefits.

You can’t go wrong with any of their machines ❤️

~Marissa Lynn

I will definitely recommend the Active Shape… with the Active Shape and combination of my workout, I am definitely seeing the result am heading for … For all the moms that having a hard time with their postpartum tummy I highly recommend it because I am one of those moms.

Thanks to Alex and Odalma i really appreciate you girls!!!

~Reizo Huss

Nuga Best Thermal Massage Bed is really the best!

It has helped me a lot when I hurt my shoulder playing tennis.

After the first session, I felt the pain receded. After the 3-rd session, I was ready to go play tennis again!

The gentle, warm, relaxing but powerful massage was just what I needed.

Thank you Beauty Shape to put me back to shape!

~Olga Ushakova

I highly recommend Beauty Shape! The place looks stunning and elegant. I loved the Infrashape Bike, and the workout was relaxing and very efficient at the same time. However, my absolute favorite was the Nuga Best – a massage bed that relaxed my exhausted muscles, and my body just felt revived and happy.

Big shoutout to Silviya, who was super helpful. I look forward to my next visit!


*Please match the appointment type with the same therapist name. For example, if you want to have a free trial on BodyShape, select BodyShape as your therapist.

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